Hornby Water Stewardship and HICEEC have collaborated on the creation of a Hornby Island Water Plan, considering both quantity and quality in the long-term. Below are two documents: 

1) A “discussion paper” put together to capture the overall objectives, approach, and specific possible opportunities for action. It is based on input from local people individuals involved in all thing water related, as well as previous studies, and other resources. 

2) The final Hornby Water Plan, approved by both Boards, that will be used to guide our initiatives.

Please feel free to review them and provide any feedback or further information you think would be helpful for the community to understand and digest the potential opportunities available.

If you have any questions or concerns, just let any of us know, or email karen@hiceec.org.

Hornby Water Stewardship: Ellen Leslie, Dr. John Cox        
HICEEC: Karen Ross, Darren Bond