Renting on Hornby can be a challenge with limited year-round rental accommodation available.  The community is aware of tightness in the market, and we are slowly working to remediate it through a variety of means. If you are coming for a few weeks or a few months, many vacation rental places may be able to accommodate you. Please check listings on  Another option is to put up a note on "Hornby Island Word of Mouth" on Facebook - many matches are made through this medium, which our residents are pretty good at monitoring and passing the word around. If you are getting exhasperated in your search,  give us a call! 250.335.1199.  We may have extra tips and advice for your specific situation.

Housing on Hornby

Renting on Hornby

Moving to Hornby

Moving to Hornby is a life-changing decision, and the best we hope you will make. Hornby Island extends a particular welcome to young families wishing to raise children in this magical place. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need to discuss your plans, dreams, and obstacles - we can probably point you in the right direction: our goal is to help you get established.

For those planning to buy a home, don't hesitate to contact our real estate agents, who you can find on If you are planning to renovate or build, make sure to double-check the appropriate bylaws and apply for relevant permits. You can view Island Trust guidelines  here.