Hornby Economic Statistics

Economic Action Plan Steering Group Members

Darren Bond, Chair

Mary Mackenzie

Braea Walmsley

Dale Armstrong

Lori Nawrot

Staff & Contract Support

Daniel Arbour

Coral Candlish-Rutherford

Karen Ross

In 2015, thanks to a grant from the Island Coastal Economic Trust, HICEEC was able to complete an Economic Action Plan for Hornby Island.  The Plan is grounded in the 2003 Community Vision, and identified priorities Hornby residents see as important to work on to 2020. The documents below form the basis for HICEEC's strategies and focus to the year 2020. The section "Hornby Stats" above comes as a result of this exercise, and our commitment to track  key indicators and trends that shed light on  our island economy.

Background on Hornby Stats and the 2015 Economic Action Plan