Hornby Denman Visitor Guide

  Denman Island

& Seaside map side

 May, 2021  CLICK HERE

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Hornby Denman Visitor Guide

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Hornby Island map side

  May, 2021  CLICK HERE

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HICEEC, in collaboration with Denman Works, produces the Hornby/Denman Islands' annual visitor guide.  With normal distribution of 55,000 copies across BC, on BC Ferries, and on-island, the guide is used both as a promotional and information tool, for visitors and residents.  During COVID, we are targeting Visitors who are already in our Area, distribution will be Regional, and many of our best distribution outlets are the advertisers themselves.  We thank BCFerries for their continued support in ensuring all Visitors to the islands receive a copy at the Buckley Bay Ferry Ticket Booth.  The maps and ferry schedule make this publication a "must have" and "must hold".

In 2021 we continue to take a regional approach to producing the Guide by including the communities of Buckley Bay, Fanny Bay, and Deep Bay.  Buckley Bay is home to the B.C. Ferries terminal, the gateway to "the Islands".  Fanny Bay is in close proximity.  Deep Bay has the only marine fuel sales between Comox and French Creek, providing a valuable service to boaters in our region.

For 2021/22 advertisers

Below is an online copy of the 2021/22 guide.  Click on the map, and enlarge, to read the information. 


Hornby/Denman Visitor Guide

Remember to contact Rowan, rowan@hiceec.org, with your ad details.

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2021/22 Visitors Guide Prices