As with most rural communities, small businesses are the engines of Hornby's economy, and the key to our future.  In the next few years, we expect many businesses to go through succession as long time owners retire, or new businesses to be created as needs and gaps arise.

HICEEC facilitates a micro-lending service to support expansion of existing enterprises, and start-ups.  

Community marketing is an integral part of the efforts to foster cooperation between our grassroots entrepreneurs, and to help inform visitors of what is on offer.  HICEEC's focus is on developing the shoulder season economy.  HICEEC produces the annual Hornby/Denman Visitor Guide, and is a 50% partner in the website

HICEEC and the Hornby Island Outdoor Education Centre collaborated on an effort to investigate the feasibility of public transportation on Hornby.    Pilot projects in August, 2017 and July & August, 2018 were funded by Island businesses, and organizations. 

HICEEC maintains a staff who is dedicated to support the small business sector, and particularly encourage business start-up, expansion, and collaborative efforts.  Karen Ross has been involved in the business scene on Hornby for 30 years, and can quickly fill you in on opportunities you may be missing out on. James Emerson has been tied to Hornby by family since 1986, and has owned property here since 2015. He's always got his finger on the community's pulse   Up to date information for the Hornby business community can be found on the Facebook group, Hornby Business Network.

 Don't hesitate to reach out - /, and stay connected by  attending our Spring and Fall Business Mixers!

Business Services