The population of Hornby is aging, the school population has been in a long-term decline, and there is a need to start attracting new residents, with a focus on young people and families. One of our goals will be to take their input into future years to address major obstacles they see, and help capitalize on opportunities identified. Activities to date include:

1) Hosting the Home Grown Home Conference in the fall of 2015

2) As a cross-over strategy that supports rentals, working with ISLA to deliver the Beulah Creek project to market - HICEEC helped re-write the business plan and is helping secure project financing. Beulah Creek will offer affordable land to build on, and is within walking distance of the school and coop.

3) Help improve infrastructure that is attractive and enabling for young people to live here. In 2016 we approached Telus to understand how to improve internet in our community. The result to date is that new portals are being installed. We also learned that a new tower is being considered for system redundancy and could hold the potential for cellular coverage for the central area of the island (Coop to Hall area). ****

****  In the winter of 2016/2017, the Tower became a topic of hot debate in the community. People can click on the buttons below to find out what exactly has been HICEEC's role, and submission to the consultation process. 

Attract new Families