John Greyson: Board

Dale Armstrong: Board, Business Services and Ferries Advocacy Lead

Daniel Arbour: Administrator (Staff)



Darren Bond: Treasurer, Hornby Stats &Water Solutions lead. Board appointed by HIRRA​

John Heinegg: HICEEC Board Chair, and Energy Lead

AGMs and Financial Reports

Katherine Ronan: Secretary, Board, Year-Round Rentals / Commercial Spaces Lead

Karen Ross: Economic Development Facilitator (Staff)


Carlyn Bishop: Community Marketing, Board

Gina-Rae Horvath: Board

Cath Gray: Co-Chair, and Community Marketing Lead. Board appointed by HIRRA

In 2002, Hornby Islanders engaged over 500 residents in a visioning exercise to describe what the island should be like by 2020. In 2015, HICEEC spearheaded an Economic Action Plan to gather and act upon Islanders priorities, 15 years into the Vision exercise. Read up on these efforts!

Community Vision to 2020


Contact Information:


Hornby Island, 2115 Sollans Road, BC V0R1Z0, Canada



HICEEC Annual Plan