As the economic development agency for Hornby, we are proud of providing multiple business services, including holding the Business Mixers, coordinating the Annual Business Award,  managing, producing of the Visitor Guide, and supporting business transitions.

Moving & Housing 

Grants & Investment

HICEEC is currently collaborating with Water Stewarship to improve the quantity and quality of water on the island. Please read about the research and possible action!

Water Planning

Join our efforts to  support new residents, and ensure a sustainable

tourism sector on the island.

HICEEC is working on numerous tactics to attract and support new residents.

Find out opportunities for non-profits and businesses.

Planning to make the move, or looking to rent?

Attract New Families

Community Marketing


Photo credit: Karen Young, 2015.

Can Hornby move to a post carbon energy and transportation infrastructure?

Energy & Transportation

Business Services

Find out opportunities for non-profits and businesses.

​"Building a sustainable island economy"